On the Beat in Bluffton

Friday, October 24, 2014

N-B Flashback: Officials discuss Roush Park makeover in May 2013

City officials announced Friday that the grant for Roush Park's renovations have come through. Learn more in the Saturday, Oct. 25, News-Banner.

Among the original project plans, circa May 2013:

• A paved parking lot

• A splash pad

• A quiet area to the west

• Buried utilities and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities At

• Renovated restrooms

Thursday, October 23, 2014

N-B Photos: One in critical condition after semi, car accident on 700S

A 24-year-old Poneto man is in critical condition today after a two-vehicle accident on 700S and 200E early Wednesday evening. Learn more in the Thursday, Oct. 23, News-Banner. (Photos by Jessica Williams)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

N-B Numbers: BPD to replace five computers

The Bluffton Board of Public Works and Safety approved the purchase of five computers Tuesday for the Bluffton Police Department. Learn more in the Wednesday, Oct. 22, News-Banner.

Here are some of the computer details:

• One HP ProDesk Desktop PC

• Three Lenovo ThinkStation P300 Workstation PC

• One Panasonic Toughbook

The other bid came from Northwood, of Bluffton, and CCB Technology. Including the latter's quote for the Toughbook, that total was $656.60 higher than the Global Gov Ed Solutions quote for the five computers.

N-B Numbers: Bluffton Board of Public Works and Safety approves '15 salary ordinances

The Bluffton Board of Public Works and Safety approved the 2015 salary ordinance for municipal utilities Tuesday afternoon. Learn more about the meeting in the Wednesday, Oct. 22, News-Banner.

Scroll below for the ordinances that establish the pay of other city employees, including police and fire, which were approved previously by the Bluffton Common Council.

(Click images to enlarge.)

Previously approved by the Bluffton Common Council:

Information provided by the City of Bluffton. Other variables are factored in some pay, including longevity.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

N-B Videos: BHMSD school board member, superintendent discuss evaluation concerns and public offers comments

Monday night the Bluffton-Harrison Metropolitan School District board met in a special meeting. The topic: Superintendent Wayne Barker's evaluation. Here are some excerpts from the meeting, including public comment. Learn more in the Tuesday, Oct. 21, News-Banner. (Videos by Jessica Williams)

Bluffton Fire has made between 53 and 72 rescue runs in the last five years

Learn more in the Tuesday, Oct. 21, News-Banner.

Nine sections of county roads to be paved in the spring

The following areas will be paved in the spring by Brooks 1st, as approved by the Wells County Commissioners Monday.

Learn more about the meeting, including alternate bids, in the Tuesday, Oct. 21, News-Banner.

1.) 1000 feet south of 500W and Ind. 124.

2.) 500S at 220W.

3.) 100W at 535S.

4.) Meridian Road at 325S.

5.) 1100S at 370E.

6.) Hoosier Highway at 240S.

7.) Hoosier Highway at 210S.

8.) Hoosier Highway between 250S and 300S.

9.) 300W at 770N.