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Friday, November 23, 2012

RSD "shall" reimburse county

Personnel with The Indiana State Board of Accounts has told Wells County officials that the Regional Sewer District "shall" reimburse the county for expenses associated with the meetings, including attorneys' fees and travel.

SBOA staff cited the following law in coming to the conclusion:

IC 13-26-7-2
Advancement of money
Sec. 2. A local, state, or federal agency or person may advance or give a district money to be used by the district for the following purposes:
(1) The preparation of a plan for the operation of the district.
(2) Other purposes of the district until the district is in receipt of revenue from its operations or proceeds from the sale of bonds.

IC 13-26-7-3
Repayment of money
Sec. 3. When a district receives revenue for its operations or proceeds from the sale of bonds, the district shall repay any money advanced to the advancing agency in the manner agreed.

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