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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Northern Wells officials focusing on iPads

Northern Wells officials hope to eventually distribute personal computing devices to each of its students, and after staff, teachers and others met Monday, it appears that they will recommend the iPad, unless anyone can uncover any "deal breakers."

Earlier this year, though, Superintendent Scott Mills presented his 12 minimum requirements for the devices the district chooses.

1. Touch Screen(Keyboard available?)
2. Connectivity  (Wireless)
3. MDM compliant – Mobile Device Management
4. Support our Content Development and Learning Management System.
5. Support some Base Software Office Productivity tools (Wordprocessing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Video Creation, Video Conferencing, Camera)
6. Durability, Reliability
7. Ease of Use
8. Instant On.
9. Conform to IDOE State Testing Requirements.
10. Student Device needs to be able to connect to projection system
11. Battery Life (Last a school day)
12. Affordable

Do you think the iPad was a wise decision? Let us know in the comments. Learn more in the Tuesday, Aug. 27, News-Banner.

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