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Monday, October 21, 2013

N-B Feedback: Who has the best chili ... slogan

The Wells Community Boys and Girls Club is holding its third-annual Dan Weldy Memorial Chili Cook-Off fundraiser Saturday, Nov. 2, and this year's contest features 17 competitors, a substantial increase from prior years’ fundraising events.

Chili lovers can vote on their favorite recipes that day, but until then, tell us which of the competitors has the best pitch for his or her recipe. Let us know in the comments section below:
  • Wayne Barker: Even though I've never made chili before, mine will be the best because I've stayed in a Holiday Inn Express in the past.
  • Ted Ellis: It's Government Chili. Lots of gas, very little substance, but you just gotta have it.
  • Bob Frantz: So good your tongue will slap your brain.
  • Steve Higgins: It is made Au-Naturel.
  • Angela Paxson: It's sweet and spicy ... just like me!
  • Roy Johnson: It's so good ... even though my family won't eat it.
  • Larry Peeper: Gives you an opportunity to "peep" out free gas.
  • Scott Garrett: The flavors are so yummy, warming both your heart and tummy.
  • Ralph Garcia: Road kill comes in many forms.
  • Kate Stinson: Mr. Food even said it was Mmmm good.
  • Sara Shedd: The recipe is so secretive that I don't know what's in it.
  • Gregg Reed: It's a real man's chili. Hearty, full of everything. I will also have a girlie chili for the wimpy man.
  • Tim Ehlerding: Workforce skill chili ... special certification needed to handle, consume and dispose of properly.
  • David Barger: It's a secret family recipe and made with Kroger ingredients.
  • Tony Garton: Because it "speaks for itself."
  • Ken Dubach and Todd Reimschisel: We had hair before we ate it.
  • Steve Stuller: I might not be hot, but my chili is.

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Anonymous said...

Ted Ellis has a winning slogan, especially just a few days before the election!!!