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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NWCS makes a bid for SRO to County Council

A school resource officer for the Northern Wells Community Schools got a tentative approval from the members of the Wells County Council Tuesday night.
The council, however, wants to hear more.

Dr. Scott Mills, superintendent of NWCS, joined Sheriff Monte Fisher before the council Tuesday night to make a case for the county’s support of a school resource officer. The officer, which would be a member of either the Wells County Sheriff’s Department or the Ossian Police Department, would have his or her salary paid during the school year by the school corporation. The other three months, the officer would work for his or her home department.

Mills saw the school district entering into a contract with one or the other of the police departments for the officer.

Mills received funding through a one-year grant from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to hire the officer, as did many other schools throughout the state after legislators approved the funding during the 2013 legislative session.

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Along with the funding, legislators created the Secured School Safety Board to review grants. In June, the board decided to only fund school resource officers trained by the National Association of School Resource Officers, though the board also instructed the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy to review other possible training entities.

The NASRO has a Facebook page here, and it also has Congressional testimony from shortly after the shootings in Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Conn, to discuss school safety. The shootings spurred Indiana legislators to create the board and grant opportunities.

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