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Friday, May 9, 2014

Third Norwell Art and Movie Festival slated for Thursday

The Tyrannosaurus rex stalks through the halls of Norwell Middle School as a student slinks against the wall behind the dinosaur.

The T. rex looks left and right. It roars.

While in reality the prehistoric beast didn’t roam the halls this trimester, it almost looks real on an iPad in Hallie Koenig’s art class.


The films debut during Thurday's Norwell Art and Movie Festival. This is the festival's third year, with the first year having an emphasis on nature and then the second year on music. Learn more about the festival in the Saturday, May 9, News-Banner.

Sixth grade students working on the "legend" film – about Robin Hood – are:
Clayton Vachon, Jack Gerber, Mason DeHoff, Nathan Zeddis, Reece Gibson, Conner Torson, Kaden Bussel, Drew Federspiel and Jason Johnloz.

The sixth graders working on the "historical fiction" – about time travel and with the T. rex – are:
Jordan Sargent, Brendan Ulfig, Jacob Bird, Lucas Stauffer, Aidan  Blinn, Gavin Adams, Neegan Anderson, Gabe Kemper, and Zane Buuck.

The sixth graders working on the biography – about Michael Jordan – are:
Sam Spear, Ethan Osborn, AJ Rogers, Nick Bowman, Will Geiger, and Mason Morris.

Norwell Middle School art teacher Hallie Koenig works with Lucas Stauffer Thursday during class. (Photo by Jessica Williams)

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