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Monday, June 30, 2014

N-B Videos: Getting muddy in Bluffton

The sold-out Rough and Muddy and Soggy Jog events featured children and adults splashing through mud, climbing through obstacles, and running through sea of soapy foam. This was the first year for the adult Rough and Muddy 5K and the second year for the children's Soggy Jog. Both were held at the Native Habitat Waterway Trail. (Videos by Jessica Williams)

Here were the awards handed out by the department:

Largest Team: (1) Hook and Ladder Express, (2) tie between the Mudivators and the Mud Weisers
Best Team Spirit Award: Minionettes

Fastest Team: Bluffton Strength & Conditioning

Above is video of the events.

Above is a photo slideshow.

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