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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

N-B Feedback: Ellis asks county for more help with pool

Mayor Ted Ellis came before the Wells County Commissioners – Scott Mossburg, Kevin Woodward and Blake Gerber – to ask them to consider contributing more money for future, long-term maintenance costs for the Wells Community pool.

Currently the county contributes $5,000 annually, but Ellis asked for $50,000 for capital improvement funds, not operating money.

“Do you have to provide a pool?” asked Woodward.

“No,” Ellis said, shaking his head.

Woodward then said they could look at increasing the entrance fee, even up to $4, but Ellis said they wouldn’t be able to raise the price enough to make it worthwhile. The mayor also said an original mission for the pool was to make it affordable and available to everyone.

Do you agree with Ellis? Should pool patrons pay more? Should the county provide more? Does the county need a pool?

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