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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

N-B Numbers: Revisiting the courthouse repairs

Courthouse Custodian Bobbie Studebaker received money Tuesday from the Wells County Council for various repairs.

Elevator motor: $8,194

The leak in the 4th floor wall and the ladies room at the annex: $5,000 estimate

The hot water pump: $5136

Courthouse roof, slate replacement: $5,000 estimate

Hand rails for the courthouse stairs: $5,555 estimate

Total: $35,000

"At this point, due to the bad winter, the budget line for repairs is down to $584, not enough to run the rest of the year so I am asking for $6115 for now to get us through the rest of the year. I hope," Studebaker wrote in her request.

Learn more about Tuesday's meeting in the Aug. 6 News-Banner. Studebaker presented her requests in more detail to the council and the Wells County Commissioners in July.

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