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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wells County chief probation officer presents job description for field officer

The job description of a new Wells County Probation position was minimally tweaked Tuesday, but getting there was a bit contentious.
Chief Probation Officer Greg Werich brought to the Wells County Council the description for a field officer, a position that was approved in 2013 for the 2014 funding year. The description, he said, was borrowed from Indianapolis and modified for local needs.
Now Werich is ready to fill that position, and has applications on hand for the job that would provide security for probation officers as they go out and visit probationers in their homes.

Learn more about the meeting – and what the council members discussed and decided – in the Wednesday, Oct. 8, News-Banner.

Here is the job description for the field officer, provided by Werich:

Incumbent serves as protective officer for probation officers while making field contacts. Incumbent's work involves maintaining order in the environment situated by probation officer(s) for compliance checks and search and seizure operations, identification of illegal activity and contraband, and documentation of activities performed.
  • Accompanies probation officer(s) to ensure security during field contacts;
  • Conducts probation compliance investigations;
  • Controls any people remaining in or entering the residence or other structures of
    here probationers during field contacts by probation officers;
  • Appears in court in accordance with Indiana law pertaining to probation violations;
  • Prepares and submits written reports of activity to supervisor in probation case
    management system;
  • Participates in searches of probationers home or property when requested by the
    probation officer;
  • Secures any property seized during field visits in a manner approved by local court
  • Performs related duties as assigned.

    • Specialized knowledge of law enforcement, security, and probation procedures;
    • Extensive knowledge oflndiana criminal law, and probation rules and regulations;
    • Knowledge o f radio communication procedures;
    • Ability to make critical decisions under adverse or emergency conditions;
    • Ability to administer advanced first aid;
    • Ability to physically defend oneself;
    • Graduation from the Law Enforcement Training Board's training course or its equivalent;
    • Possess a valid Indiana Driver's License
    Work involves exercising the full gamut of security and law enforcement duties to preserve the
    peace, maintain order, prevent the unlawful use of force or violence or other unlawful conduct
    while in the course of monitoring probationers activities in the community, and to protect all
    persons and property located thereon from injury, harm and damage.

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