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Saturday, January 31, 2015

City's response to predicted snow storm

From the office of Mayor Ted Ellis:

The National Weather Service has predicted that a significant amount of snow will fall in Bluffton over the next 36 hours. 

If the NWS predictions are correct, the City of Bluffton will respond as follows:

While snow is falling and drifting,  Street crews will plow major arteries hourly to ensure that major routes are open to emergency traffic.  Those arteries are:  Adams, Bond, Clark, East Dustman, Lancaster, Madison, Market, Monroe, Silver, Spring, Stogdill, Wayne, Wabash, Western, Washington and Wiley.  The Indiana Department of Transportation is responsible for state routes (Main, West Dustman, Division and Harrison Streets).

When the snow and winds subside, street crews will begin clearing other streets.  It takes approximately eight (8) hours to plow every street one time.  Plows are stationed in each section of the city;  therefore, sections will be cleared simultaneously.

Downtown:  City parking lots will be plowed before 7:30 a.m. each weekday morning;  however, blowing snow may make parking difficult during the day.  In the event of a heavy snow, the snow will be removed from the downtown at a designated evening.

The Parks Department will attempt to plow a walking area throughout the downtown during the snowstorm;  however, clearing of sidewalks remains the responsibility of building owners and tenants.

The city will apply ice-melting chemicals to streets;  however, the effectiveness of these chemicals decreases dramatically when temperatures are below 20 degrees.

Residents are asked to use off-street parking in residential areas if possible to minimize the chance of accidental damage from snow plows.  When clearing sidewalks and driveways, snow should not be thrown or blown into the streets.

If conditions warrant, the City may declare a Snow Emergency.  Snow Emergency information will be available via the city’s website and the Bluffton News-Banner.

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