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Monday, April 6, 2015

N-B Numbers: Small stream structure replacement costs

Nineteen small stream structures have been identified as needed repaired and have been given price tags, the Wells County Commissioners learned Monday. Eight have costs in five digits. Learn more about them in the Tuesday, April 7, News-Banner.

Here are the remaining structures:

• 525N west of 200W in Rock Creek; $5,000.
• 800S west of 600W in Jackson; $3,000.
• 100E north of 300N in Lancaster; $6,200.
• 750E south of 700S in Nottingham; $5,600.
• 400W north of 1200S in Chester; $5,400.
• 1200S east of 1200W in Jackson; $3,000.
• 1100S west of 1100W in Jackson; $6,200.
• 625S west of 700W in Jackson; $9,000.
• 800S and 100E in Nottingham; $7,600.
• Willow Road south of 625S in Jackson; $8,880.
• 1000S east of 900S in Jackson; no cost established yet.

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