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Friday, September 11, 2015

N-B Photos: Ossian Days contest sees new prince, princess

The 2015 Ossian Days Prince and Princess contest contestants were:

• Rylee Plunkett, 6, daughter of Shawn and Chasity Plunkett
• Gracie Mae Hulvey, 4, daughter of Nick and Angela Hulvey
• Austin Parteko, 3, son of Corey and Rachel Parekto
• Jordyn Grzych, 4, daughter of Cale and Kaley Grzych
• Addison Privett, 5, daughter of Corey and Jessica Privett
• Camden Connett, 6, son of Kaylee Connett
• Becca McConn, 5, daughter of Terry and Beth McConn
• Alexis Mendez, 4, daughter of Joshua Mendez
• Alec Haag, 4, son of Adam and Jamie Haag

Learn more about who won in the Saturday, Sept. 12, News-Banner. (Photos by Jessica Williams)

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Gillespie Gazette said...

Austin Parteko is 6 years old, not 3.