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Monday, November 2, 2015

UPDATE: Diploma proposals before SBOE tweaked


Proposals for new diplomas have, indeed, been changed.

State Board of Education members will take up the proposals at their regular meeting tomorrow morning in Indianapolis.

A six-page memo to board members from State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz (linked above) outlines changes made by a committee charged with examining the new diplomas.

Among the changes are changing the title of "technical math" — an option that doesn't currently exist in Indiana high schools — to "applied math courses and/or state-approved alternatives."

"This phrase better reflects the committee's intent regarding the many course options available to meet this requirement — both stand-alone applied mathematics (e.g. Tech Math) and courses in other subjects with significant embedded math content (e.g. Precision Machining)," Ritz wrote in the memo.

Bluffton High School Principal Steve Baker plans to address the board at the meeting tomorrow to discuss the proposals.


Proposals for new diplomas for Indiana high school students have likely been changed, a spokesman for the State Board of Education said Monday.

Principals — including Bluffton High School Principal Steve Baker — asked board members last week to consider concerns about some aspects of the proposals. The board had been set to vote on proposals last week that would have required some Hoosier high-schoolers to take more math and secure more credits before graduating.

SBOE spokesman Marc Lotter said in in email Monday a committee examining the proposals met for a special meeting Friday and will present updated diplomas to the board at its meeting Wednesday in Indianapolis.

Lotter said updated information likely will be posted to the state board's website later today.

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