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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where the money goes

On Friday, Sept. 16, Wells County's schools officially counted the number of enrolled students. School officials will now review the numbers for accuracy and eventually submit them to the state to help determine how much tuition support the schools receive from state tax revenue. To learn more about how many students are enrolled in Wells County's three public districts — and how states determine how much funding schools receive — see the Tuesday, Sept. 20, News-Banner.

The state makes available how public schools spent their revenue, broken down by categories such as "student academic achievement," "school administration," and more. The following graphs show how Wells' public schools used their revenue from January to December 2009 and January to December 2010.

Northern Wells Community School

Bluffton-Harrison Metropolitan School District

Southern Wells Community Schools

Click on the following links for more detailed reports for each school.

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