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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grading the graders

Earlier this year, state legislators passed a law changing how principals evaluate teachers, and after they passed the law, education officials distributed a model evaluation plan that schools could use as a guide.

On Monday, Bluffton-Harrison discussed publicly for the first time how they might evaluate teachers, using the guide as a template.

During this discussion, Bluffton High School Principal Steve Baker discussed different factors that will influence scores teachers will now receive and how those scores align with different categories teachers will now be assigned.

The following shows how a principal might derive a score for a teacher who teachers English (ELA) and social studies. It also shows what kind of category that score would result in. The graphic refers to "growth model data," which refers to how well her students on a standardized test compared to their performance from the previous school year. (Click on the images for a larger resolution.)

To learn more about the four categories which were scored, as well as other ways in which principals could evaluate teachers, click here.

To learn more about how this new system could impact Bluffton-Harrison schools, see the Tuesday, Nov. 29, News-Banner.

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