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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

N-B Links: Tastes like Indiana

Wells County Economic Development Director Tim Ehlerding came to the Bluffton Common Council Tuesday night, asking for $14,900 to revive a food incubator idea from 2008.

Ehlerding, in his presentation, there is a regional focus on food business innovation. A food incubator is being considered in LaGrange County, he said, that would focus primarily on organic food and what is produced by Amish individuals in that area. A similar concept for restaurants is being considered in downtown Fort Wayne. The concept of an all-season farmer’s market may also come to fruition in Fort Wayne. Ehlerding said he has talked to area farmers about a “farm to table” concept that would allow consumers to purchase food grown locally.

Another organization, though, is promoting the "celebration ... and preservation of the authentic food culture of Indiana.

"We are a membership organization of inquisitive eaters, good cooks, culinary historians, chefs, food journalists, restaurateurs, culinary tourists, artisans and manufacturers."

Learn more about Ehlerding's proposal in the Wednesday, April 2, News-Banner, and learn more about the world of Indiana dining by clicking here.

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