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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beyond recycling

The Bluffton Middle School is accepting certain trash for its upcycle program, a recycling-like initiative and fundraiser that earned the school more than $1,750 last year and about $700 so far this year.

Unlike traditional recycling, upcycling, a term first created in 1994, does not break down products to incorporate them into other materials.

Instead, upcycling is designed to essentially change the used product into a new product without breaking it down. Consider these examples from the TerraCycle website.

homework folder
lunch box

clip board

The middle school is accepting the following products for its own upcycling initiative.

Personal care/beauty products
● Lipstick Cases
●Mascara Tubes
●Eye Shadow Cases
●Shampoo Bottles
● Conditioner Bottles
●Bronzer Cases
●Foundation Packaging
●Body Wash Containers
●Soap Tubes
●Liquid Soap Dispensers
●Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
●Lotion Dispensers
●Shaving Foam Tubes
●Powder Cases
●Lotion Bottles
●Chapstick Tubes
●Eyeshadow Tubes
●Lipliner Pencils
●Hair Gel Tubes

Plastic yogurt cups, containers or lids (no Activia or Yoplait brands accepted)
● Stonyfield
● Dannon
● Kroger
● Walmart
● Meijer

Any size or brand chip or snack bag
● Lays Chip Bag
● Doritos
● Cheetos
● Fritos
● Pretzels
● Chex-Mix

Any size or brand of candy wrapper
● Skittles
● Candy Bars
● Starburst
● M&M’s

Any size or brand of cookie wrapper and tray insert
● Chips Ahoy
● Oreo
● Keebler
● Store Brand Cookies
● Rice Krispies Treats
● Pop Tart Wrapper

Any size or brand of drink pouch
● Capri-Sun
● Honest-Kids
● Nestea Pouch

The school will also take Ziploc bags until Friday, Oct. 21. Learn more in the Thursday, Oct. 13, News-Banner.

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