On the Beat in Bluffton

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Talking taxes

Tis budget season in Indiana, and in Wells County, government officials are celebrating by passing and introducing budgets. The Northern Wells school board and Wells County Council passed their budgets Tuesday, Oct. 4, and the Bluffton Common Council passed the city budget on the first reading. To learn more about the budgets, see the Wednesday, Oct. 5, News-Banner.

The state's Department of Local Government Finance will ultimately approve these budgets, and because of this the DLGF has a wealth of tax-related information for taxpayers wanting to learn more.

For a profile of Wells County's income tax and property tax profile, click here.
For a summary of who pays and who spends taxes in Wells County, click here.
To learn more about income taxes in the state, click here.
For more information about property taxes, click here.

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