On the Beat in Bluffton

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All I want for Christmas

According to an Associated Press article in the Wednesday, Dec. 21, News-Banner, "more and more, Santas say the children on their laps are asking for less for themselves," and in the Saturday, Dec. 24, News-Banner, local elementary students will share what they would give if they could give any gift to anyone.

But children are still hoping to receive as well as give, and the following list — taken from letters to Santa the Bluffton Parks and Recreation Department has received — shows how creative, or at least unique, some of their requests are.
  • Ninja Turtle Costume
  • big motorcycle
  • pizza kitchen
  • train
  • doggy doo game
  • one of your elves
  • laptop
  • official cattle field guide book
  • Sharpies
  • manicure madness
  • paint ball gun
  • light bulbs
  • fruit snacks
  • A bell from your sleigh
  • "Intro to Engineering" science kit
  • "a jumpy thing"
  • a tool set and a work bench

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