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Friday, December 30, 2011

Doing well in Wells

Even though the year ends tomorrow, you can still donate to charities afterward for deductions when you do your taxes, says the executive director of a local not-for-profit. Learn more in the Friday, Dec. 30, News-Banner, and if you're looking for where to send a donation, consider the following organizations, taken from the News-Banner's Wells County 2011 Fact Book.
  • AFH (A Friend’s House) Ministries, 1001 South Clark Ave., Bluffton. 877-821-5556, Fax 260-824-5165 or afriendshouse.net
  • American Cancer Society, 111 East Ludwig Rd., Suite 105, Fort Wayne, IN 46825. 260-471-3911 or 1-800-227-2345. www.cancer.org
  • American Heart Association, 6100 West 96th St., Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46278. 317-873-3640 FAX 317-873-3070
  • American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana, 1-800-513-2599, for disaster assistance dial 628. James S. Beckstein, local contact at 260-638-4673. Blood Bank info: 1-800-RED CROSS.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters, Northeast Indiana, 2439 Fairfield Ave, Fort Wayne 46807, 888-456-1600. Josette Rider, executive director.
  • Boys & Girls Club -- Wells Community Boys & Girls Club Inc., 1410 South Wayne St., 260-824-5070. Ken Ballinger, president.
  • Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana, Inc., 6316 Mutual Dr., Fort Wayne, 46825. 260-484-9560 or 866-484-9560 (toll free) or www.cancer-services.org
  • Citizens Against Drug Abuse of Wells County Inc., P.O. Box 89, Bluffton, IN 46714. Greg Werich, president, 260-824-6496. Nikia Bradley, coordinator, 260-403-8880. www.wellscounty.org/cada.htm
  • Community & Family Services, 1100 South Main St., 3rd floor, Bluffton Regional Medical Center South, Bluffton. 260-824-4836. Pat Shelley, community services specialist.
  • Family Centered Services, 123 South Marion St., P.O. Box 207, Bluffton. 260-824-8574, FAX 260-824-2790. www.familycenteredservices.org
  • Food Bank -- Wells County. 1254 South Main St., P.O. Box 186, Bluffton, 260-827-0053. Connie Kaehr & Jodi Pfister.
  • Family Hospice & Palliative Care, serving 13 counties including Wells, (260) 589-8598.
  • Head Start Center, 260-827-0250.
  • Loving Shepherd Ministries, 112 North Marion St., Bluffton. 260-824-9000.
  • Mental Health Assoc. of Wells County, (Behavior & Recovery Resource Center of Wells County), 223 West Washington St., Bluffton. Sharon McMillan, president. 260-824-1514.
  • Parlor City Fraternal Order of Police, contact Bluffton Police Department, 260-824-3320, 204 East Market St., Bluffton or other police agencies in Wells County. Monte Fisher, president, 260-543-2553.
  • Salvation Army of Wells Co., extension service, emergency assistance, Pastor Neil Ainsle, 260-273-0089
  • United Way of Wells County, 122 LaMar St., Suite 118, Bluffton, 260-824-5589. FAX 260-824-2217. Pamela Beckford, executive director. www.unitedwaywells.org
  • Wells County Foundation, 360 North Main St., Suite C, Bluffton, 260-824-8620. Tammy Slater, executive director. www.wellscountyfound.org
  • Wells County Habitat for Humanity, GBM Bldg., Suite 116, La Mar St., Bluffton. 260-353-3333. Pat Boyd, president, 260-387-3355.
  • Youth for Christ Adams, Blackford, Grant, Jay Wells Counties, 1515 Sutton Circle Dr. North (setback street from St. Rd. 1 north), P.O. Box 431, Bluffton. 260-824-1330, John Wanner, executive director.
  • YMCA, Wells County, 1935 North Main St.. Bluffton. Nikki Surbaugh, executive director. (260) 565-YMCA (9622) or www.fwymca.org

Please note that the preceding might include organizations that are not officially 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations, so any donations to them might not be tax deductible. Contact the organizations for more information.

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