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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big plans to avoid the big game

While Wells County residents watched the Super Bowl last Sunday, others were there volunteering. You can read about their stories — and more — in the Thursday, Feb. 9, News-Banner.

However, not everyone sat down to watch the big game.
  • David Hollopeter"i had to work"
  • John Geels — "Puppy Bowl VIII. None of the kittens who performed at halftime flipped the bird......unless it was a stuffed toy."
  • Troy Fiechter — "We had a church singing."
  • Tina Zaugg — "went to bed early and read a good book."
  • Therese Bertsch"Hubby and I played SoulCaliber 5."
  • Rita Bennett — "Working on putting together THE BENEFIT FOR JERRY BROWN ON MARCH 17TH in Montpelier Civic Center."
  • Dawn Bailey — "Worked on homework"
  • Cindy Klepper — "Football on one TV so I wouldn't be culturally out of touch on Monday, Puppy Bowl reruns on the other TV, a Netflix movie ("Freakonomics") on the iPad while I shopped online on the laptop and monitored Facebook on my iPhone. Ain't electronics grand?"
  • Deb McConnehey"Homework and tv is hardly ever on in our home. I think my husband checked the score every now and then but the tv was off!"

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