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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bringing an audio drama to visual life

Bluffton High School graduate Drew Neuenschwander, a professional writing major at Taylor University, was recently invited to work as an intern at Focus on the Family. Neuenschwander will assist the organization's radio drama "Adventures in Odyssey."

Neuenschwander, though, is no stranger to the show. He listened to it as a child, and as a college student, he and his classmates formed an unofficial Adventures in Odyssey club. Recently, the club recreated several scenes from Adventures in Odyssey.

Neuenschwander plays the part of the "expendable crewman" in this skit.

Neuenschwander plays the part of the Eugene Meltsner in this skit.

Neuenschwander plays several parts in this skit.

Learn more about Neuenschwander's internship in the Saturday, Feb. 24, News-Banner.

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