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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bluffton-Harrison turns doors into books for "We Love Reading" Month

Most people open books to read them — not go through them.
But not at Bluffton-Harrison Elementary School, where students and teachers decorated their doors with book-related themes this week to celebrate the school’s second “We Love Reading” month.
The students each designated the best door among the grade levels and among nonclassroom doors, and then they selected a best overall door from among their earlier choices.
Becky Stotlar's class won the first-grade award. Pictured are, left to right, McKenna Bunch, Noemi Real,
Joselyn Mason, Averi Petty and Dakota Jennins

Shelbi Zelt's class won the fourth-grade award. Pictured above are, left to right, Zelt, Garrett Pauley,
Hannah Laughery, Lily Paul, Makayla Robles and Wyatt Girod.

Stephanie Hiday's class won the kindergarten award. Pictured above are, left to right, Hiday,
Jake Boots, Alyssa Hartman, Jacob Huffman and Gabrielle VanCamp.

The front office won the best nonclassroom door.

Principal Julie Meitzler won the best overall door with her basketball hoop,
inspired by the book "Hoop Kings."

Lindsay Schroeder's class won the second-grade award. Pictured above are, left to right, Allison Tungate,
Andrew Hunt, Kader Simpson, Zoe Morrison, Marina Reynolds, Caleb Gerber, Schroeder and Coral Neuenschwander.

Jenny Lambert's class won the third-grade award.

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