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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

N-B Photos: Fun at the Block Party

Numerous children played with blocks at the City Gym Tuesday, an activity promoted across the state by Purdue Extension offices.

A pamphlet handed out Tuesday promotes block play for its ability to teach math, science skills, social and physical skills.

Molly Hoag, health educator with the Wells County Extension Office, said the office hope to offer more Block Party events in the future.

According to the pamphlet, there are eight stages of block play:
• Discovering blocks
• Stacking blocks
• Complex stacking
• Making enclosures with blocks
• Creating bridges or arches with blocks
• Combining enclosures and bridges with blocks
• Building with patterns and symmetry
• Building block structures that represent objects for pretend play

To learn more about the benefits of block play, and about Block Party events, click here.

Below, children enjoy the Block Party Tuesday at the City Gym. (Photos by Jessica Williams)

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