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Friday, February 7, 2014

Wells County Council approves Health Department grant funds

The Wells County Council approved appropriations for a Health Department reimbursement grant Thursday night.

According to the department's request, the purpose of the Public Health Preparedness Grant is to help Indiana award a grant from the state's federally funded Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Supplemental Fund of $15,000 to the Health Department.

This year's "funds are to be used to complete a medical countermeasure dispensing plan, execute a POD setup and throughput exercise, conduct volunteer call-down drills, participate in 800-MHz radio drills, (and) submit an updated training and exercise plan for (the Health Department)."

The county was approved for $14,958 to "purchase supplies, equipment and financially support the program, as well as employ a person to help with the execution" of the tasks.

For more information on the meeting, pick up the Friday, Feb. 7, News-Banner.

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