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Friday, October 16, 2009

BHS Culinary Arts program

Talk about a school program with fringe benefits. The Bluffton High School culinary arts program is partnering with the Bluffton Parks Department, catering wedding rehearsals; they are definitely getting their money's worth out of the new commercial kitchen--which by the way is composed of mostly second-hand equipment.

Professional Federal Credit Union and First Bank of Berne recently provided some funds for several specialty cakes...I know the students appreciated it. Let's not forget to tell them both "thank you!"

And check out my story in today's News-Banner...

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TPace said...

I think it is important to note that the money made from selling off these cakes is being donated to the Wells Co. Food Bank. First Bank of Berne and ProFed CU were generous enough to help cover the cost of making these cakes by sponsoring them. This is the first time any of these students have done cakes like these...they were required to maked it all from scratch...icing, fondant, everything. Also, I would like to note that the article in the paper stated the class made cupcakes for a Madison wedding...actually, those are being made for an Oct. 31st reception. The Madison rehersal dinner was a full meal. The students are working very hard and learning every day. I am very proud of them.