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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

N-B Feedback: Building inspectors, parking and graduations

A proposal to put a building code ordinance in place for the city of Bluffton received scant attention Tuesday night, after members of the Bluffton Common Council discussed other matters during their meeting at City Hall.

But earlier that day, County Commissioners told Mayor Ted Ellis that they weren't interested.
This city will pursue the matter further at future meetings, but meanwhile, tell us in the comments section what you think. Click here to see the proposed building inspection ordinance.

Tell us too about downtown parking. Leon Gaiser of Parlor City Cabinetry had a simple request: Could the two-hour parking restriction in the 100 block of West Perry Street be eliminated?

The answers, from the five members of the Bluffton Common Council, were yes, no, maybe, and let’s talk about it some more. What do you say? Should more streets be open? Should the city allow an annual pass?

Also, what should Southern Wells High School do about commencement? That was the question posed by Superintendent Jim Craig to members of the Southern Wells School Board Tuesday night.

“Right now, we will have to go to school on the day after graduation,” Craig informed the board members.

Board members discussed pushing the commencement date back, but they didn't take any action. Tell us what you think they should do.

Learn more about both issues in the Wednesday, Jan. 22, News-Banner.

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