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Monday, January 27, 2014

N-B Links: Calculate your property taxes — eventually

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance has reviewed Wells County's 22 taxing authorities — including schools, the library, towns and the county — and should soon establish tax rates for residents.

Southern Wells, for instance, has agreed to its tax rate already, though other schools are awaiting further comment after submitting changes.

After the state approves any changes and finalizes the tax rate, officials will include Wells County in its tax bill calculator, available by clicking here.

The calculator only provides an estimate, though, and Wells County Deputy Auditor Kathy Mounsey said the state still needs to determine the county’s different credits, such as the homestead credit, and exemptions — all of which will ultimately lower tax bills.

“Those credits make a huge difference,” Mounsey said.

Learn more about the Southern Wells rate in the Monday, Jan. 27, News-Banner.

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