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Friday, January 3, 2014

N-B Feedback: Where should CAFOs go?

A concentrated animal feeding operation was approved Thursday night for an area in Nottingham Township.

One neighbor did speak in opposition to the proposal. Ray Hartman, who lives at 1244E-900S, expressed concerns about the water table and also expressed concerns about odor. He said there are several CAFO’s near his property, and there will be more odor with this one.

“There is so many in the area,” Hartman said. “I think we have enough already.”

APC President Jerome Markley, however, said the county’s current CAFO ordinance does not have any restrictions as to how many can be in an area.

Instead, the ordinance specifies how far from buildings and businesses a person can build a CAFO.

Learn more about the county's requirements by clicking here (the CAFO requirements start on Page 68); learn more about CAFOs in general by clicking here, and share your feedback in the comments section? Should there be limits on the number of CAFOS? Should the maximum number of animals be reduced?

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