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Thursday, January 9, 2014

N-B Numbers: County Council learns of possible bridge and culvert project costs

The Wells County Commissioners have been discussing the numbers for a month, but now the Wells County Council got an introduction Wednesday evening to the bridge, small culvert and similar projects the commissioners wish to do this year and their respective price tags.
Leo Rumschlag's bridge inspection is ongoing.
Here's a breakdown:
• Bridge at 300W at 410N: $100,000
• Pipe project at 500W at 550S: $3,000
• Drop box at 1100N at 375E: $8,050
• Rumschlag's small structure inspection: $35,000
• Bridge at 1000S and 60W: $375,000
• Culvert at 500S at 220W: $59,000
• Culvert at 1050N at 165E: $62,000
• White Bridge repairs: $126,824
• Guardrail projects: $30,000
• Three culvert projects at 300W and 770N, 300W and 890N, and 300W at 910N: $150,000
• USI maintenance list of 46 bridges: $50,000
The total comes in at about $1 million.

The council learned Wednesday that the CEDIT funds for bridges had a $212,574.23 balance at the end of 2013. Appropriations for 2014 is an additional $400,000.

In the council's packet of information, they learned there are 131 bridges, which meet the requirement of 20 feet and longer. There are 1,782 "small structures," with 503 of them measuring 31 inches in diameter to the 20-foot bridges.

Learn more in the Thursday, Jan. 9, News-Banner.

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